9/11 Experiment: Do cell phones work from a jet? 6/7

9/11 Experiment: Do cell phones work from an airplane? 7/8

The Nine Eleven Official Conspiracy Theory (NEOCT) says that cell phone calls were made from the jets on 9/11. We find that even over 10 years later, mobile phones do not work from a cruising altitude. We need a New Investigation of the events of 9/11/2001.

Many "Truth debunkers" have written at length about how cell phone

calls were theoretically possible on 9/11. But experiments trump


This was done with 2011 phone technology. How much less it would be possible on Septermber 11, 2001.

Feel free to replicate this experiment with a video of your own.

Just obey the stewardess. Cell phone use is not against the rules

on in Europe.

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Dr. Griffin's analysis:

Replications of the experiment:

1) DCA-CID 2010-11 pm

2) DCA-ATL 2011-01 am

3) ATL-MLI 2011-01 pm

4) CID-SFO 2013-06 am

5) LAX-CID 2013-06 pm

6) DCA-EWK 2014-02 am

7) EWK-STL 2014-02 pm

8) STL-BRL 2014-02 am

Sorry about the sound quality on this one. The plane was so noisy, so I put in some music to make it bearable. My lady doesn't like to be in 9/11 videos. :)