Dr. Rand Paul visits Iowa
Fairfield and Washington Iowa

  May 2015

Dr. Rand Paul speaks to the Fairfield Iowa community in the town square gazebo

Dr. Paul gets into his van

Meeting Republican volunteers at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center

Dr. Rand Paul thanks the Jeff Shipley, Doug Bricker and the Republican volunteers

Dr. Richard Schneider MD talks to Dr. Rand Paul about Transcendental Meditation and natural health care.

Roger Leahy asks Dr. Paul about forced vaccinations

Dr. David Ballou (PhD) talks about the Trans Pacific Partnership

Dr. Rand Paul's assistant was allowing 1 question per person. 
Rick Shaddock got in a few quick questions, asking him about
House Resolution 14 to release the 28 page chapter Bush classified about who helped fund 9/11. 
Senator Paul: "Yeah, I'm getting ready to do that on the Senate side."
He informs Dr. Paul that Ace Elevator Company, LVI Systems (asbestos removal)
and Securacom (security guards) were not even mentioned,
much less investigated by Bush's 9/11 Commission Report. 
Why would Larry Silverstein want to lease a building with asbestos? 
Boeing's remote control take over of jets would look just like a hijacking by men.

June 2015: Rand Paul introduces Senate Bill 1471 to release the 28 pages.

Dr. Ron Paul (Rand's father) continues with his Liberty Report

Lesson Learned: Always lead with the question:
Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11, WTC 7, looking like Controlled Demolition?

Rand Paul in Washington Iowa
July 31, 2015

Event held at the Public Library in Washington, Iowa

Rick Shaddock had the chance to stand next to Dr. Rand Paul for about 5 minutes
and say "Thank you for the bill to release the 28 Pages", and he nodded in agreement.

Dr. Rand Paul speaks to the group and Fox News covers the event.