Letter to the Editor

Donald Trump lunch and rally in Oskaloosa

Donald Trump held a rally at Oskaloosa High School on Saturday, July 25, 2015 from 11:00 to 2:00 pm.  Oskaloosa seemed familiar, with a gazebo on the town square, as in Fairfield.   Outside the high school, HyVee staff served us a free lunch, including burgers, hots, and cool bottled water - refreshing on a sunny day.  This is the first rally I attended where the candidate did not ask for any money, just gave generously. 

Trump has $10 billion dollars, mansions, a jet, and work he enjoys.  He does not need money from books or speeches.  He could live in any country.  Why is he running for President of the United States?  Trump loves America.  Who else but a great builder to rebuild America?  He went from debt to riches, and can help America do the same.

I gave my ticket, printed from EventBrite.com, to a lady at the door.  After some speeches by campaign leaders, Trump triumphantly entered the auditorium, shook our hands, and gave an inspiring speech.  Then he went to another room to speak to a second audience.   I wanted to ask him questions, and found the press conference room for reporters including the Washington Post and NBC.

Donald acknowledged my raised hand twice for questions.  I asked if he would support the release of the 28 page chapter that GW Bush classified about who funded 9/11.  Trump said he did not know about that yet.   The American public deserves to know who funded the hijackers.

I also said, "You have built many sky scrapers and know they are built to be strong.  Many people, according to a poll, 60% of Americans, have some questions about how those towers (WTC) came completely down" on 9/11.   Trump asked if I was a "conspiracy guy".  The Washington Post and other news sites wrote articles about my question.  My video the press conference is at ANETA.org/Trump/Iowa

Donald said a major problem is that politicians say what the polls tell them to say to get elected, then they do what their donors say after election.  Donald doesn't care about polls and doesn't need anyone's campaign donations.  So he can do what is right for most Americans.

Trump will say "You're fired!" to the waste in Washington DC.  He knows how to run a business.  We cannot spend more than we take in.  He calls for equal application of the law - including Hillary who refused lawful orders for her emails.   

Trump, author of The Art Of The Deal, pledges to negotiate smartly for us in international trade agreements and get jobs back to America. He says decades of incompetent negotiators allowed jobs to go overseas.

Trump will put an end to this, and get the jobs back in the USA.  We saw government do nothing as companies like Primus and Harper Brush lose business to overseas manufacturers.  In Walmart we see find mostly created in China.  Trump pledges to intelligently re-negotiate trade deals and make America prosperous again for all.

Rick Shaddock
Fairfield, Iowa citizen