The Sage Sagans and 9/11

Lynn Margulis Sagan, PhD
Wife of Dr. Carl Sagan, and an award winning scientist herself
President's National Medal of Science 1999
1938-2011  curriculum vitae

Lynn Margulis Sagan, Dorion Sagan, Jeremy Sagan
The Sage Sagans -
9/11 Truthers

Lynn speaks on Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
"Experts Speak Out" video -

They brought their sons up right, learning the scientific method

Dorion was interviewed about 9/11 on Dr. Keven Barrett's show

Jeremy was interviewed on 9/11 FreeFall show

Dr. Carl Sagan died in 1996, before 9/11/2001, but probably would have questioned the Bush Story of 9/11 (BS911),
since he thought in a scientific way, like his wife Lynn Margolis, PhD.

Another high profile public figure has come out in support of 9/11 truth,
son of Dr. Carl Sagan and Dr. Lynn Margulis, two world renowned scientists.

Jeremy Sagan is a computer programmer, is the founder of Sagan Technology and author of Metro:
an audio, MIDI and video sequencer for Apple Macintosh computers and a professional musician.

Jeremy has been a 9/11 Truth seeker for years, as has his mother Lynn.

In a recent interview, Sagan and Andy Steele discuss the 9/11 controlled demolition evidence,
the work of both his parents, and the state of the media and government establishments
as they try to cover up the facts surrounding 9/11.

In the video below, listen to Jeremy’s recent interview where he discusses
the demolition of the World Trade Center buildings in New York City: 

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Dorion Sagan



Carl Sagan Quotes

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

“The truth may be puzzling. It may take some work to grapple with.
It may be counterintuitive. It may contradict deeply held prejudices.
It may not be consonant with what we desperately want to be true.
But our preferences do not determine what's true.”

“We can judge our progress by the courage of our questions
and the depth of our answers, our willingness to embrace
what is true rather than what feels good.”

Carl Sagan's Baloney Detection Kit

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