Potential Speakers for Conference


Barry Kissin  - Anthrax attacks expert

Rick Shaddock - ANETA founder


Waiting to hear from:

Richard Gage - AE911Truth founder

Art Olivier - Writer and Producer of Operation Terror

Susan Lindauer - whistle blower about 9/11

Shelton Lankford USMC - Pilots for 9/11 Truth

Ray McGovern - CIA senior analyst, delivered President's Daily Brief to Reagan and Bush Sr.

Kevin Ryan - Research on 9/11 WTC occupants, and other topics

Tony Szamboti - Physics and the response to NIST

Potential Skype.com speakers invited

Dr. David Griscom - nano-thermite

10:00 Gregg Roberts - Professional Investigator and an author of the published study on Active Thermitic Material at the WTC (INVITED)
         Overview of repeatable physical experiment based scientific research studies published in peer reviewed
         and independent journals, questioning the official conspiracy theory (OCT)  more info  (tentative)

Paul Craig Roberts - political impact of  9/11 on American liberties, lives in Georgia now

Dr. James Fetzer - Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota, author of numerous books

David Chandler - physicist - declined due to house move

Greg Roberts - Research on Thermitic Material in the WTC Dust -

Dr. David Griscom - physicist - retired - too far to travel

Mark Basile - Research on Thermitic Material in the WTC Dust, politely declined

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer - on Operation Able Danger, politely declined

Rob Balsamo - Pilots for 9/11 Truth - could not attend

Craig Ranke - Evidence for the North of Citgo approach to the Pentagon
   Craig declined ( yet posts on his web site that he was not invited.)

Peter Janney, Author of Mary’s Mosaic, the CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace, 2012

Could not speak or declined: