Rick Shaddock

As a computer consultant in Washington DC since 1985, I was a financial beneficiary of the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex.  I taught computer software to over 1000 military and civilian staff at the Pentagon, and worked on contract as a programmer at the NSA from 1994-1997, and again in 2002.  I  felt patriotic working for organizations that grew with the "War on Terror" until 2006.  In 2003, I profited by helping to sell and support computers with enhanced security to the U.S. Army sent to Afghanistan and Iraq.  Things were going great financially.  I bought a five bedroom house, two Mercedes Benzes, and paid off all debts and my vacation condo. 

In 2006, with the advent of easy replay of same-day videos of news reports from 9/11, I began to question who the real perpetrators were.  I read published scientific research showing the holes in the official conspiracy theory (OCT).  I realized there are alternative explanations for the crash and DNA evidence, such as Remote Control Take Over of the jets and Controlled Demolition of the WTC towers.  I now only work for happiness and health supporting organizations, and have donated most of my war profits to 9/11 Truth and peace promoting groups.  I am dedicated to getting our country out of the control of the corrupt war mongers, and back in the hands of the citizens for an Invincible America.

Delivering AE911Truth petitions to every Senator

Matt Sullivan, Richard Gage, Rick Shaddock
speak at the Annual 9/11 Conference (2013)

With Richard Gage, founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth at the Architects Convention in Washington DC

9/11 Fre Fall 9/12/2013: Rick Shaddock and Diana Castillo

Lobbying with Richard Gage and AE911Truth on Capitol Hill