A new movie is about a plane hijacking, over the Atlantic.
Fighter jets intercept the plane within 20 minutes
Why couldn't the jets do that within 1 hour on 9/11?

Youtube Trailer

Liam Neeson stars as a Federal Air Marshall on a flight from NY to London.

Within 20 minutes of being called, the fighter jets from the USA intercept the airliner.

This is what is should have looked like to the passengers of 4 jets on 9/11/2001

Why couldn't NORAD intercept any of 4 planes within an hour within the USA borders?

The fighter jets should have forced the hijacked planes to the nearest air field.

Why did everyone who should have stopped the planes get promoted?
No one got fired or demoted.
General Ralph Eberhart, head of NORAD, got a medal
General Richard Myers became Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Did they do the mission the White House gave them - to stand down?

Non-Stop Lying?

We need a new 9/11 investigation that answers these questions.
Pilots for Nine Eleven Truth
Association for Nine Eleven Truth Awareness