Orpheum Theater, Fairfield Iowa
Monday June 9, 2014  7:00 pm

Plus at 9:00 pm
Experts Speak Out
by Ed Asner and Richard Gage, AIA
Over 2000
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

$5 admission requested - or 10 BitRaam digital currency
If someone really wants to see it, we will let them watch it.
It is so important that every American consider this plausible possibility
that the official 9/11 Commission did not even consider.

Official web site:  www.OperationTerror.com


A movie including real life events from 9/11, from an alternative perspective considering valid possibilities that were not investigated by the official 9/11 Commission. Art Olivier of Hollywood, a candidate for California Governor, produced the film. If out of town, you can order a DVD from www.OperationTerror.com

Followed by Experts Speak Out by Richard Gage AIA, the founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, over 2200 experts in building construction who say the story of the collapse of the World Trade Center violates the laws of physics, steel buildings do not collapse due to fire alone, and we need a new explanation. Introduction to the video by Ed Asner. www.AE911Truth.org

What must be considered in a new investigation: Boeing 757 and 767 jets had Remote Control Take Over technology by 2001. RCTO looks just like a hijacking from outside. Ace Elevator Company workers were in the shafts, the perfect place to plant explosives, from 1994 to 9/11/2001, yet were never identified or questioned by the Commission. Neither were LVI Services asbestos reduction workers.

The WTC towers had illegal asbestos insulation, and estimates were being considered for tearing them down anyway. Even so, Larry Silverstein purchased the landlord rights then insured the WTC towers for over $7 billion just weeks before 9/11. Larry, his son, and daughter, were not in their WTC 1 offices that morning nor questioned by the Commission.

Bush appointed the Commission, with no scientists or forensics investigators. Senator Max Cleland quit, saying it was "a farce". We need a new, independent investigation of the event that started the 9/11 wars.

Ticket price: $5 per person donation requested
But please attend anyway. This is so important.
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Sponsored by:
Fairfield Iowa Nine Eleven Truth Awareness
www.FINETA.org  and www.ANETA.org

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Under-reported events of the 9/11 attacks

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