William Rice P.E.


I earned my BSCE degree from the University of Massachusetts with a major in structures and later an MS degree in civil engineering from Cornell University. After graduation from UMass, I was employed in the field by two of the nation�۪s largest building construction companies, first the Austin Company (a design/build firm) and later the George A. Fuller Construction Company. The construction of one of the Austin Company building projects was the basis of my master's thesis. I also taught building design and construction related courses to civil engineering and architectural students at Vermont Technical College for twenty years.

911 Statement:
In 2006 I became aware of the unprecedented collapse of WTC Building 7 and the Twin Towers at free-fall speed. Professor Steven Jones' video lecture was a stunning revelation and a wake-up call. My experience and further research confirmed the uncomfortable facts as presented by Professor Jones.

I also found it disturbing that most politicians seem to have little interest in exploring any theory other than the official jetliners / fires-caused-the-collapses theory. I was told the following in a response letter from one of our representatives in Washington: Regarding conspiracy theories surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, a number of theories questioning the events that occurred on and before September 11, 2001 have circulated. They are patently false. Several videos have been posted on the internet on this subject, and they too are false.... The 9/11 Commission, a bipartisan group of nationally respected individuals, evaluated all relevant testimony and documents related to the events and provided a detailed account of what actually happened on that fateful morning. However, this nationally respected 9/11 Commission failed to include some very important facts and testimonies in their report even though they had to have been aware of them. For example, the 9/11 Commission Report completely omitted the unprecedented collapse of Building 7.

Many of the facts and theories that engineers have learned in such courses as structures, physics, chemistry, metallurgy, etc., have held true for longer than the hundred-year history of structural-steel-framed high-rise buildings and they held true on 9/11/01. Only controlled demolition could have provided the types of building collapses displayed three times on that fateful day.