Suzanne Malveaux - CNN, White House reporter, Harvard graduate
receives M.U.M. graduation brochure featuring Senator Tom Harkins

Interview with award winning CNN Reporter Suzanne Malveaux
White House correspondent, graduate of Harvard University

9:50 Rick: I was telling the Senator that Senator Harkin spoke in Fairfield Iowa, that is on his way to Burlington, I was suggesting that he take a look at these Golden Domes where 2000 people meditate, which has an influence to help raise collective consciousness and provides an influence of defense. So I hope he will stop by on his way through Fairfield.

Suzanne: Yeah. Well, that's good to know. Thank you.

Rick: I'm following the candidates as you can. I went to see Donald Trump, and saw Bernie at the State Fair.

Suzanne: What do you think of Trump?

Rick: I like his independence and everything, but it is kind of war mongering, when he never enlisted. I was in the Marines for two years. It's just you know, he's a chicken hawk. Otherwise, he would be pretty good, but he wants to invade Iraq. Didn't we learn a lesson?

Suzanne: Right

Rick: Also I asked to Bernie and had a really good chance to suggest that he sign on to Senate Bill 1471. Have you heard of that?

Suzanne: What is that one?

Rick: To release the 28 page chapter that George Bush classified about who funded 9/11. Like how could they buy airline tickets or take flight lessons or anything like that without funding. So I hear, well that's what they put on Fox News and Judge Napolitano, is that it came through the Saudi Government.

So if the Saudi government was financing 9/11, and 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, why did we invade Afghanistan and Iraq?

Suzanne: Yeah. It doesn't make sense.

Rick: Why aren't we at least making some sanctions against Saudi Arabia, that you know cuts off people's heads, doesn't let women drive.

So Bernie Sanders, I was mentioning to him as he was getting into the car. I got a really good video of that, just like I was standing next to you. I said " Sign the Bill 1471. It will discredit Bush in one stroke." Jeb Bush is contributing to hiding for George Bush. Covering up the financing of a crime, especially one like 9/11, is a crime. It is harboring terrorism, ironically.

Suzanne: Yeah, that's right.

Rick: So we need to know what is in those 28 pages.

Suzanne: "And the bill calls for that, yeah?"

Rick: 1471. Also, there is a web site about it,
It should be front page news. Whoever makes it front page news can win a Pulitzer Prize.

Suzanne: And then it becomes our story.

Rick: Make it your story! I can't believe everybody's not covering it.

(Suzanne makes travel plans.)

12:38 Rick: Senator Rand Paul, when he came through Fairfield, I asked him about the 28 Pages, and he said "Oh yes, I'm about to introduce a bill." So Senator Rand Paul is the one who introduced the Senate Bill 1471.

There is also a House Bill 14, which Tom Massie, Steven Lynch, and Walter Jones, I believe, are the head of that.

Suzanne: Thank you.

Rick: I'll watch for your article about Ok. Great. Keep up the good work, speaking out for the First Amendment."

Suzanne: Thank you.

Rick gave Suzanne the brochures for the graduation commencement speech given by Senator Harkin in 2013, and for the 2014 speech given by Dr. Jim Carrey.

Senator Tom Harkin spoke at Maharishi University graduation in the Golden Dome in 2013.

Senator Bernie Sanders (Democrat, Vermont) campaigning in Iowa
sees the M.U.M. graduation brochure featuring Senator Tom Harkins