9/11 Truth Movement
Free Introductory Lecture
9/11/2012 7:30 pm  Fairfield Library

It was a success with an excellent turnout last year.  Here are more photos.

Planned Schedule for Videos

Time Subject
7:30 Show of hands: Who questions the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT)?
7:31 Introduction of Moderator - how and why I started questioning 9/11. 
Why 9/11/2001 is still relevant.  The perpetrators are still around and in power.
Congressmen are not even asked to vote on new "kinetic action" (war), kill lists, or loss of civil liberties.
Why Fairfield is important - the nexus of American national consciousness

A vision of possibilities - What the OCT is, its flaws, and alternative explanations  
Both sides: Chris Mohr for the OCT vs. Richard Gage for Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth - 10 minute version


Loose Change 
Fahrenheit 9/11 
Danny Jowenko 2   911TV.org  www.RememberBuilding7.org   Ed Asner's video

8:10 Bentham Nano-thermite study of Drs. Jones, Harrit, Farrer, et al.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth, David Chandler WTC 7 Analysis, 15 min  Jim Hoffman

8:30 Pilots for 9/11 Truth  Rob Balsamo's research
8:45 The PentaCon - Sgt. Lagasse & Sgt. Brooks show a North of Citgo path  Craig Ranke
8:55 Patriots Question 9/11 - overview the list of notable people  Dr. Bob Bowman
9:05 TruthMakesPeace.com - experiments you can do at home to test OCT  and other YouTube sites
9:15 Forums available: 911Blogger, Lets Roll, JREF, Mensa, 911Lies
9:35 Building 7 campaign, show upcoming ad.     Dan Rather on Truck  Paul Thompson Timeline
9:40 Action you can do: speak out, FaceBook, FOIA, Write Congressman
9:45 Official finish, Show of hands: how many question the OCT now?
9:50 Additional Question and Answer session, Networking

9/11 Time Line





Materials check list:
Reserve a place, such as a public library, preferably with internet access
Prepare a laptop to show videos, with CDs from AE911Truth, Pilots, David Chandler, etc.
Rent or get an overhead projector, or large computer screen
Refreshments: organic juice, cookies
Order buttons, bumper stickers, t-shirts to pass out to attendees
CD copies to pass out (optional)
Brochure of list of 9/11 web sites and info that people can take with them. 
Jon Gold's list 911truthnews.com/jon-golds-official-911-justice-start-up-kit
Copies of Bentham NanoThermite article to pass out, full or abstract
Dr. Zdenek Bazant's study "Why did the WTCs collapse" (refute pile driver theory)
9/11 Experiments: Egg Drop, Concrete drop, fire burning steel
Paper for petition / mailing list and pen for signing

Local newspapers: paid ad and/or free feature interview article
Local radio and cable stations:   www.KRUUFM.com
Signs on bulletin boards from Microsoft Word Mailing Labels
FaceBook Event and other social marketing
Web site - order a free link from www.ANETA.org to use in advertising

Fairfield Library Check List
Conference room deposit: $25
Overhead projector damage deposit: $250
Tutorial appointment with Tara (9:00 - 5:00, no Mondays) 
Must have up to date Library card

Schedule of Toronto Hearings

If you cannot attend, please see Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Experts Speak Out:

Discussion of the latest progress in raising America's consciousness of published scientific research, and direct experiences of witnesses, that validate questions about the Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11.

Studies and videos by physicists, pilots, architects and engineers will be presented, especially the suspicious collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, which was not hit by a plane.

Come with an open awareness, and questions for discussion. Nothing to buy or pay. Free organic refreshments.

Something good is happening - a worldwide awakening that we were not told the whole truth about 9/11, which started wars for over 10 years, and the loss of many Constitutional liberties. Let us make sure this never happens again.

Honor the victims and promote world peace by seeking the truth. Demand a new, truly independent, objective, and scientific investigation of ALL the evidence of this event that so changed America.

If you cannot attend, please see Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Experts Speak Out:

9/11 in 5 minutes