9/11 Conference Events 2013


Friday - Sunday,  September 13 - 15, 2013
Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel    photos
900 South Orme Street, Arlington, VA 22204  

Article in AE911Truth

Organized by ANETA.org and free

Please Join the free event in Facebook or email "coming" to Conference@ANETA.org

Friday - Free Introductory Lecture - in the Mezzanine Room (up stairs from lobby)
        Free bonus for those who purchase Saturday and/or Sunday

7:00  Diana Castillo - introducing tonight's speakers*
         Information about DC911Truth and ANETA.org and benefits of joining


7:05  Richard Gage - founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Richard Gage - Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth        * Recent developments at AE911Truth, the volunteer teams, and new donors
        * Progress on the Rethink 9/11 Campaign
        * the Mystery of WTC 7 video by Ed Asner  (15 min.)
        * Experts Speak Out (excepts from the 1 hour video shown on Colorado Public TV)
        * The impressive quantity of Petition signers (about 2000 signers) and plan to submit to Congress
        * The impressive quality of AE911Truth Petition Signers we have, including Harvard graduates.

8:00 Susan Lindauer - Whistle blower, patriot, US Intelligence asset during run up to Iraq War
        Author of  the book Extreme Prejudice
        What the Bush Administration knew prior to 9/11
        Jailed for years with no due process, under the "Patriot Act", for telling the truth
        Activist and journalist

8:30 Art Olivier - former Mayor of a suburb of LA, candidate for Governor, 9/11 researcher and movie producer  (15 min.)
        Under-Reported Events of September 11thClues from an analysis of the passengers on the 9/11 flights.
8:40 Operation Terror movie excerpts (free popcorn,  90 min.)
        9:55 Q&A with the writer and producer (5 min.)

10:00 Rick Shaddock - Co-founder of ANETA, 9/11 researcher and lobbyist
         Status on Mark Basile's replication study submitting the WTC dust to an independent laboratory for analysis,
         Chis Mohr debate, and Petition summary for Congress, and article in AE911Truth.org

10:30 Open discussion with speakers - in hotel lounge across the hall (optional)

9/11 Commemoration Conference, 2013
9/11: Advancing the Truth - Organized by DC911Truth.org

Sorry, tickets have already SOLD OUT for Saturday and Sunday

Saturday - 15th Floor (The Pentagon Room - overlooking the Pentagon)

8:30 Registration
8:45 Welcome and Overview of Conference Matt Sullivan, DC 9/11Truth

Morning Theme - What We’ve Learned

Moderator Frank Tolopko, Berkshire (MA) 9/11Truth

9:00 Richard Gage - Architects and Engineers for 9/11 TruthSpecial Recognition of Architects and Engineers for 9/11Truth   (30 min.)

For “AE911Truth’s Work in Educating Building Professionals, Elected Representatives, the Media, and the Public on 9/11 Truth, Throughout the U.S. and Abroad”

Comments by AE911Truth Founder Richard Gage, AIA

9:30 Manufactured Terrorism – Then and Now   (120 min.)

Isa HodgeKevin BarrettWebster TarpleyWebster Tarpley, Author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, 2006
Kevin Barrett, Co-Founder American Muslim Political Action Committee; Radio Host in Madison, WI – “Terror and the Sacred”
Isa Hodge, American-Born Muslim, Operations Chief, American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) – “The Entrapment of Young Muslim Men”

11:30 The Anthrax Attacks       (45 min.)

Barry KissinBarry Kissin, Attorney and Journalist based in Frederick, MD, home of Fort Detrick, the putative source of the
Anthrax Letters -- “The Anthrax Letters: The Officially-Acknowledged False Flag Attacks of Sept./Oct. 2001”

12:15 Lunch

Afternoon Theme – Breaking New Ground

Moderator Louis Wolf, DC911Truth

1:30 Motive, Men and Means: Follow the Money – And Other Fingerprints    (195 min.)

Barbara HoneggerWayne MadsenMark GaffneyMark H. Gafney, Author of Black 911: Money, Motive and Technology, 2012
Wayne Madsen, Investigative Journalist, Columnist Specializing in Intelligence and International Affairs; Author of the Blog Wayne Madsen   youtube.com/watch?v=sNsh-1p8us8
Report – “Voices From the Grave: Individuals Who Were Knowledgeable About 9/11 and Have Since Died – And Other Voices”
Barbara Honegger, Senior Military Affairs Journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School, 2000-2011

4:45 The Shanksville Puzzle: Domenick DiMaggio, Local Shanksville Researcher.  (30 min.)

7:00 Free social event at Hamburger Hamlet restaurant  (1750 Crystal City Drive)

Rick Burnley - 9/11 Truth Commentator - Spoken Word Poet, Humorist
Barry Kissin Jazz Quartet will entertain.
See conference packet for subway/walking directions from Pentagon City Metro. (Dinner from large, reasonably-priced menu selection and
drinks are not included in the conference registration fee.)

10:00 Gregg Roberts - Professional Investigator and an author of the published study on Active Thermitic Material at the WTC
         Overview of repeatable physical experiment based scientific research studies published in peer reviewed
         and independent journals, questioning the official conspiracy theory (OCT)  more info  (tentative)



Organized by DC911Truth.org

Sorry, tickets have already SOLD OUT for Saturday and Sunday

Sunday - 15th Floor  (overlooking the Pentagon)

8:00 Pentagon I Room Open for Networking, Videos, Books 

Morning Theme – Understanding the Pentagon Attack

9:30 Moderator Kevin Barrett, Long-time Public 911truth Advocate   (180 min.)

What Happened? Three Perspectives

Barbara HoneggerDwain DeetsDwain Deets, Retired Aerospace Research Engineer -- Plane Hit the Pentagon
Matt Sullivan, Former Editor, Rock Creek Free Press -- Citizens Investigation Team (CIT) position, Plane Did Not Hit the Pentagon
Barbara Honegger, Retired Military Affairs Journalist -- Preplaced Explosives and Heliport Plane

12:30 Lunch

1:45 Pentagon Panel and Participant Discussion   (60 min.)

Afternoon Themes – Consequences of the 9/11 Lie and Citizens’ Response

2:45 Consequences of the 9/11 Lie    (45 min.)

Kevin BarrettM.D. Alam, Founder, American Muslim Political Action Committee – Speaking on His Experience as a Muslim in America Since 9/11
Kevin Barrett – “9/11 and the Demolition of Democracy”

3:30 From JFK to MLK to RFK to 9/11, the Official Story Is Always a Lie. What Are We the People to Do?   (75 min.)

Dick GregoryDick Gregory, American Wiseman, Truth Finder, Truth-Teller, Prophet

4:15 Conference Statement and Resolutions   (60 min.)

5:15 Closing:  Kevin Barrett, Matt Sullivan   (45 min.)

Speaker Biographies

Additional optional activities

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Sorry, tickets have already SOLD OUT for Saturday and Sunday
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