ANETA Expenses

All Volunteer - no staff fees.  No fundraising costs.   100%  for expenses.

Category Date Description Amount
Office Monthly since 2009 1629 K Street Office
for professional image for lobbying on Capitol Hill
Conference room availability $20/hour
Security* and mail service
* 9/11 Truth volunteers can get mail without disclosing home address
$90 per month
Stationery about once a year for more.  1/1/2015 Paper, envelopes, and business cards $50
Phone Ongoing Incoming: Ring Central service   5 extension plan, including fax $36/month
Outgoing:   202-221-5022 $35/year
Travel 9/11/2013  Guest speaker Art Olivier, director of Operation Terror from Los Angeles CA to Washington DC to the 9/11 Conference   9/11 Conference    $300 airline  
$200 hotel
for 2 nights
  6/1/2015 - 2/1/2016 Presidential Candidate Campaigns: trips to see Donald Trump, Sen. Cruz, Senator Bernie Sanders and others to tell them about the 28 Pages. Political Action    about $40 gas per trip
Internet Ongoing Monthly broad band
portion for ANETA sites
9/11 Physics Debate 3/14/2014 Dr. David Griscom PhD winner $1000
he donated it back to ANETA
3/14/2015 Dr. David Griscom PhD winner .911 Bitcoin ($400)
he donated most back to ANETA
3/14/2016 Dr. Crockett Grabbe winner .911 Bitcoin ($500)
Web Sites
Domain registration
Ongoing registration
$10/year each
22 domains
$220 / year
Computers One time 2 laptops, printer, 2 flat screen monitors, mouse ~$2000 donated by Rick
Publication Ongoing

Collected Articles On Nine Eleven

Assembling over 20 studies in peer reviewed scientific journals
such as the Journal of Engineering Mechanics
into a single, impressive 7 pound volume of over 500 pages.
There are also over 70 studies in
Please donate for printing expenses   
1 binder was presented by Richard Gage to Dr. Noam Chomsky at MIT

$100 each

Please donate to help with expenses at

We wish to thank business man Rick Shaddock who has been the biggest donor since 2009.

Site Date Donor Amount
A 11/01/2009 Rick S. $1500
A 12/7/2010 Rick S. $2000
A 11/27/2011 Rick S. $1500
A 3/14/2012 Rick S. $1500
A 9/02/2013 Rick S. $1500
A 10/7/2014 Rick S. $1000
A 8/14/2015 Rick S. $1500
A 1/27/2016 Rick S. $1500