Release the 28 Page chapter that
Bush covered up about Saudi funding of 9/11

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Congressmen Walter Jones (R-NC), Steven Lynch (D-MA), and Thomas Massie (R-KY) petition for the release of the 28 page chapter that Bush classified, about who financed 9/11 - which lead to 14 years of lies, loss of Constitutional liberties, and wars. 28 pages of the Joint Congressional Inquiry.  As it turns out, the 9/11 operation was financed with the assistance of our allies with close ties to the Bush administration.

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Redacted 28 Pages: Anthony Shaffer claims documents reveal how money was moved to fund 9/11
Ex-Army Operative tells Jesse Ventura: U.S. Govt. knew of 9/11 hijackers and could have prevented the terrorist attacks.

28 Pages


Members of the 28 Pages Task Force and others will hold a banner and signs across the street from the Longworth House Office Building on Wednesday, April 27 at 5 PM. Banner will say: “Open the 28 Pages” with smaller letters under it: “”. Posters will say: “Royal Threats Show Saudi Guilt”, “Call Saudis’ Bluff!”, “Saudis Threaten to Shoot Their Foot”, “Saudi/US Money Tied, thus Empty Threat”, “Tail Wags Dog?”, “Diplomatic Immunity for Terrorists is not National Security”, “9/11 Families say ‘Open 28 Pages’” and “Support HR-14 and S-1471.” We will be at the corner of Independence and New Jersey Aves, SE. Endorsed by Code Pink and Popular Resistance. Info: Richard Ochs 443-846-6638 textable.

Financing through Saudia Arabia
George Bush's close friends
found by investigative reporters
New York Times Carl Hulse
Fox News  Shepard Smith
NY Post  Paul Sperry - release the 28 pages Bush classified about Saudis

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SB1471 PDF Doc


Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, autographed a copy of Senate Bill 1471 to release the 28 Pages that GW Bush covered up about Saudi funding of 9/11, and indicated that he would sign the real one. Senator Grassley gave a speech to the Iowa State Republican Convention, in support of Donald Trump, who helped made the 28 Pages main stream news.

Donald Trump hears about the 28 Pages then makes them main stream news.

Truther Stumps Trump
Rick asks Trump 2 questions about 9/11 at a press conference receiving main stream news coverage
1. 28 Pages of 9/11
2. WTC Building 7 investigation

Oskaloosa, Iowa - July 25, 2015


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